• How to find the best bench grinder

    Those looking to buy themselves a new bench grinder are in the right place. They are a great machine to own, and are extremely useful for a number of tasks. They seem like a simple tool but actually they're quite complicated and there are many things you need to consider before you buy to make sure that you get good value for your money. The bench grinder is essentially just two spinning wheels located either side of a powerful motor that keeps them going, despite this there are actually quite a few different features on a bench grinder.



    DEWALT DW758 Bench Grinder


    This bench grinder from Dewalt is one of the best bench grinders on the market if you're after a large and heavy duty machine to take care of all your grinding needs. On amazon where this product is sold it has many positive customer reviews, and is among the most popular bench grinders sold there for good reason. The motor is a powerful 3/4 Horsepower industrial level machine more than capable of taking care of most grinding jobs. The base and other parts of this bench grinder are made from cast iron so they're heavy and rigid. This grinder also features a precision made tool rest which helps you to position your work for accurate grinding. Overall this is a great bench grinder, that offers good value for money.



    Sunex 5002A Bench Grinder


    If you're on a strict budget when your shopping for a bench grinder this should be one of the first options you look at, as it offers great value for money while not compromising on performance. One great feature that this bench grinder has that not many others do is a built in work light, this feature is fantastic for keeping your space well lit while you work to ensure you get the job done well. Because different materials require different types of grinding wheels it's great to have wheels with a variety of coarseness. This bench grinder comes with one medium grit and one more coarse wheel for grinding whatever material you need to grind. It means you can remove material from a work piece at a fast rate or at a more slow controlled pace. On the sunsex 5002A both wheels have adjustable guards, these are designed as a safety feature to prevent sparks from flying into your eyes. Like the Dewalt bench grinder the base is constructed from cast iron so it is very heavy duty. Thanks to the powerful motor on this bench grinder it can go up to 3500 RPM which is great for a budget machine.


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